Thursday, March 29, 2012

Protecting Water

A simple but effective video on the Ecojustice Site reminds us that fresh , clean water should never be taken to mean an infinite supply . As users and consumers, we should always be concerned about how we treat the water before we consume it . And how we treat it after we consume it.

Take a minute to remind yourself why this is vital .

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Different Parts Of the Arctic

A blog I follow by Karen at has really been eye opening. Recently moved to Iqualuit , Nunavut ( north east of Canada) from the North West Territories , Karen's photos and posts  really show the difference between the Arctic -east vs west.

The high new mountains of the west vs the ancients worn down mountains of the Canadian Shield and other small ranges in the east.

The high snowfall in the west vs the barren Arctic desert of the east with little precipitation.

Pictures show so much and Karen's travels allow an opportunity to compare them easily.

Drop by and dig around her archives.

For a comparison of how a very new comer to the eastern Arctic as compared to one whose has been there a while check the different perspectives of the photos between Karen's and Ron's archives.

Both have uniquely different  perspectives and have taught me a lot about life in the far north. Thank you to both. There is nothing as good as a connection to learn of other places.