Monday, April 23, 2012

Iceberg the Orca

First spotted 2 years ago in the North Pacific , near the Commander Islands , Russian Scientists have spent the last two years searching for this unique orca for a second look. Well they got lucky and filmed 'Iceberg' swimming with a pod of more than a dozen relatives. This time they filmed Iceberg to show the world this surprise of nature- a possible albino orca male- the only known one in existence. Of course , they'll have to get close enough to see if his eyes are pink , the next time they spot him.

These Russian Scientists are calling for the area to be put on protected status , with no commercial fishing allowed. Seems like a good idea to me...for the other species as well as Iceberg.

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  1. That's pretty interesting. I never thought of animals like this possibly being an albino, but it makes perfect sense.