Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grass or Food

During the hard times of the WWII , victory gardens were a patriotic duty. Now the concept has been revived as an economic and environmentally responsible action with a healthful benefit. How committed are you to doing it right?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fallen Chick

I came across a Facebook page that has some interesting items on Homesteading/Survivalism . Perhaps you would like to take a look-see. This is what caught my attention.

It is true that Mothers don't reject their returned young. First choice should always be to return the baby to the mother if humanly possible.

  I have only ever experienced  that 'rejection' in domesticated animals....most particularly dogs. The thing that worked for me was using vanilla . A drop on the nose of Mom and a drop on the baby. I don't know the science or lack of science behind it , but it worked twice for puppies that mother wouldn't feed. The purpose fulfilled with no harm done. Go figure.

 Perhaps the initial rejection could be put down to several reasons such as New Mother anxiety , or sensing an inability to survive that we can't see. I really have no idea. What do you think?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Animalarium: Hummingbirds

Animalarium: Hummingbirds:   Carmen Cardemil Abigail Brown Tiffany Bozic   Eileen Mayo , The Story of Living Things and Their Evolution , c. 19...

Friday, May 25, 2012

One Little Beaver

photo from Lovely Timmins , Ontario
One forest fire fighter saves one little beaver. Amid all the destruction, there is always room for a little compassion.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wild Fire

 Over 29 000 hectares of forest are burning in Northern Ontario.

The Timmins fire has consumed 27000 hectares. Most of the focus has been on the Kirkland Lake fire ( 2400 hectares) because it has threatened people directly.

This video shows how quickly a forest fire moves . In 9 minutes it was able to jump a four lane highway under its own power. This video was taken three days ago near Timmins. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cause: HUMAN

With the celebrations this long weekend following an extended dry period and soaring temperatures , people have been out fishing and camping and exploding fireworks en masse.

Where go the humans...there goes fire.

To date for 2012 , there have been 252 forest fires in Ontario. Most of those in the North East Region. Twenty seven active fires ( not under control ) and another dozen inactive ( under control but not necessarily out) are keeping  Ontario water bombers busy . One water bomber from Newfoundland and two from Quebec are assisting the fight.

To date , 4 472 hectares have burned . If you squeezed that all together , that is approximately 17 square miles of bush ( forest) right now. 4055 of those hectares began to burn this weekend . Only a few of those fires were caused by lightning . The majority are caused by those campers , fishermen and firework celebrations. A few are caused by chain saws and other equipment used in the forestry industry.

The interactive map put out by the Ministry of Natural Resources is an up-to-date source of info for Ontario. Only one of 10 provinces and three territories...all suffering the fire scourge. It is going to be a hot, dry, terrifying summer at this rate.

 Today Facebook is awash with local photos of what people are facing in Kirkland Lake and Timmins right now. This is only a small part of what forest fire can do. Much of what is destroyed is never seen by those who start them. It is only when it is on the doorstep that the reality hits home. But what of the non-human losses? Life and home...

Photos in/near Timmins ,Ontario by Julie Huppe-Thibault

The fire near Kirkland Lake, Ontario .

photo by Colleen Walker

Photo by Clayton McLaughlin

Photo by Mark Welch

Photo by Mary-Ann Thompson
Read the comments below for updates.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Archaeology News Network: Rock analysis suggests France cave art is 'oldest'

The Archaeology News Network: Rock analysis suggests France cave art is 'oldest'

Wild Women Expeditions

If you feel up to it , why not try an adventure with a group like this: Wild Women Expeditions ( Canada's Outdoor Adventure Company for Women). I found their Facebook page which is where I go on some of their treks from the safety of my chair.  or type in your friend finder on Facebook