Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outside My Computer Window

Just beyond the window next to my computer desk is a Barberry Shrub. This is a very thorny plant which is green out of the sun and purple in the sun. If you look among its thorny branches this is what you will see.

A parent Robin ( actually a thrush ) tending to her/his
two youngsters.

...and two very large mouths like this one.
I am trying very hard not to keep looking out to see how things are going , so as not to disturb this very territorial parent.  I do hope I will get to see them fly in about two or three weeks.


  1. I'd love to have robins so close. I have to go out kind of far to get a look at things like this. It's fun that way too, but I bet you get a better look.

  2. At the beginning of this nest watching , there were three eggs which hatched successfully into three chicks. If that is what baby robins are called . Just a few days ago , I noticed that one had fallen just outside of the nest and impaled itself on the thorns. How sad! But who am I to interfere with nature? Yesterday the victim disappeared . I expected the parent pushed it away and I'll find the remains somewhere in the Barberry when I prune in the fall.

  3. Oh wow! How FABULOUS! Nothing that exciting out my window at the moment...