Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Complaints from a Winter Bed

I can imagine what kind of comments I would get if this were a mail in your responses or questions . Indulge me if you please .

Dear powmill ,

I have a winter bed . But I can't seem to get comfortable after the first night . What's going on ?

           puff puzzled

Dear Puff Puzzled ,
It seems to me that you are suffering loft loss . Before you make the bed in the morning , give the fibre bed a little time to restore its loft . You can easily reach under the sheet  that keeps everything in place and give the fibre bed a little shake to get it started . If you don't want to do this , then give it a bit of time to recover by itself . Problem solved .

Dear powmill ,

I find that I have a permanent trough formed in my bed . It means that I roll  back into the same old place every night . What's up ?

                                                                                    Tired of the same old rut .

You are a lazy one aren't you ? The bed won't be fresh and fluffed up unless you  put a little effort into making it properly . Air that fibre bed out once in a while . It can't do it itself .


Dear powmill ,
I thought you were serious about the winter bed thing . But now I can see you are just a perverted old lady .
                                        Shame on you

Dear shame on you ,
Here's back at you ! I AM talking about a winter bed . Get your mind and imagination out of the gutter .

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