Friday, September 30, 2011

Fly Over the Boreal Forest of Manitoba-Ontario: A Proposed UNESCO World ...

If you look on a map of Canada and locate Manitoba ; then find the largest lake which is named Lake Winnipeg ; and follow the eastern shore going north ; you will find the Poplar River . Where the river empties into Lake Winnipeg , there is a small Ojibwe community of about 1500 people .

My very dear friend , Sophia , who visited us for a week along with her husband Ray during the Spencerville Fair , comes from Poplar River , Manitoba.

I can't begin to explain how valuable this woman is to her people , community and the land from which she comes. I do know how precious she is to me as only few people can nest so gently in my heart.

I am so proud of this woman for standing up for the Land- the Boreal Forest- the traditional territory of her people.

She is internationally known as a 2007 recipient ( one of six) of the Goldman Environmental Prize that is given to "Grassroots Environmental Heroes".

She was inducted into the Order of Manitoba in 2008.

She was chosen to be spokesperson for the Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Project . Five communities from Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario are working to create a UNESCO World Hertitage Site straddling the Manitoba and Ontario borders. This area includes the traditional territory of the five First Nations below:
1 Bloodvein River
2 Little Grand Rapids
3 Pauingassi
4 Pikangikum (Ontario)
5 Poplar River

It is their hope to preserve and protect their land so it can continue to give life to future generations.

Drop by their website. It is a pleasure to explore and holds a wealth of information to share.

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