Wednesday, September 21, 2011


My brother tangled with a moose a few years ago .

It is his destiny never to forget or be allowed to forget just what it can mean to hit an immensely , huge animal .

caps of all sorts

t-shirts of all sorts

He bought a camp on a northern lake , fully furnished . This was on the wall.

He entered his name in a draw for one of several pieces of art on the table. This is the one he won.

I added another to his growing collection. This is it.

What most reminds him to watch for moose can be seen in the car photo. The steering wheel is folded down onto the dash of the car . His hands were pinned under the moose who ended up sitting on top of his hands. A year of physical therapy saved his career where fine muscle control is essential .

The moose was not as lucky.

For your sake and the moose's , observe the roadsides carefully when you drive the roads of moose country.

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