Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hockey Coins
 He shoots ! He scores !  Companies made a big hit in Canada when they introduced Hockey Coins in Tea boxes , Shirrif Potato Chip bags , Jello boxes and J-Pudding boxes.

There were just the original six teams in the National Hockey League . If you ate enough chips , jelly and pudding you could collect the whole set.

You could trade doubles to get ones that were missing...

Or you could play 'Close to the Wall' and win big...

or lose your whole collection trying to win.

Salada Tea also had hockey coins. For many people during that prize promo , they made the switch from Red Rose .

Kids collecting coins didn't pay much attention to the advertising on the back of these coins. It was the hockey player on the front ...and the team he played for.

Boys walked around the schoolyard with pockets full of these plastic coins constantly clinking them . The sound was a challenge looking for a taker.

This post belongs in True Tales From A CPR Section House. I misplaced it. Sorry for this error!

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