Thursday, November 17, 2011

It Makes My Heart Ache

November 17 and the snows made an appearance . A little later this year than the norm . Climate change is definitely being felt as old patterns are disrupted more and more.

Finally , snow flurried around the skies today as the temperature dropped to near freezing during the afternoon where I currently live. It dusted things for a while but didn't cover the ground. In my book , that doesn't count as 'The First Snow' .

It must stay on the ground for at least a day.

It must collect deep enough to cover the ground.

It must be wet enough to roll the year's first snowman.

It must supply enough ammunition for the first snowball battle.

It must muffle the sounds of a busy world.

Alas , we didn't get The First Snow today but we did see the potential for it to happen very soon .

 However , just a few hours northeast of me , they got their First Snow.

Lenny Mannela took this beautiful picture of Herridge Lake this morning.

It captures that feeling that only this moment can give.

The powerful silence that descends over everything . My heart aches to be there...standing , watching and listening to all things living being quiet. No birds flying and calling. No movement on the water. No wind waking the world. Just that peace as the world accepts the blanket of snow and the change it brings.

Thank you Lenny for letting me share this photo.

For those not familiar with the coniferous forests in the north , as the weather cools and days shorten , the trees lose the green-ness and turn dark in colour. Under the blanket of snow ,the trees appear almost black. The dark waters of northern lakes become mirrors . Since this is an overcast day , there is no blue sky to reflect so the scene appears to be in black and white. Truly a breathtaking sight.

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  1. Lenny's photo is this years First Snow in his part of Ontario. The photo that heads this Blog was the last snow in my area last spring.