Saturday, November 26, 2011

Woolly Bears

Since my Dad showed me the woolly bear- a popular name for the caterpillar of the Isabella Moth- or pyrrharctia isabella- , it has always been my predictor for the winter ahead.

The early fall is full of woolly bears . That's a good thing when you want a hint of the coming winter. Is it coincidence that there is a hint of 'arctic' in its name ? I don't really know for sure . But it seems so.

The prediction , as folklore would have us believe, is in the brown stripe around its middle. I thought only a few people used this delightful little creature to divine winter foresight . I was wrong...which isn't too unusual. Thanks to the Internet , I found out that there is a Woolly Bear Festival in Vermilion, Ohio, USA celebrating this fuzzy little caterpillar .

What they celebrate most is the pre-warning it gives about the winter ahead .They even have an official chart explaining how to read that stripe.

Give it a try with the woolly bears you see around your area.

Warning! Please examine the stripe before touching the caterpillar for an accurate reading. You know he will curl into a tight little ball and stretch that brown stripe a little wider. That won't make winter any milder. Ha ha!

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