Sunday, November 27, 2011

What I Have Been Told About This Winter

As I explained in the post " It Came At Last " The first full snow fall , not dustings or flurries that never reach the ground , were used to predict winter.

Ours stayed on the ground for two and a half days before it was taken by unusually warm temperatures. That means , if folklore is correct , that we will have only two major winter storms this winter. Warmer temperatures will prevail.

The Woolly Bears around here this year had very wide brown stripes. That should mean very a mild winter compared to the norm.

This past summer the hornet nests were built as high as 8-10 feet from the ground. That is supposed to indicate a mild winter with plenty of deep snow.

I really don't put too much stock in that predictor .Hornet/wasps in these parts have been long gone or died in the first cold snap. They are not even around here in the cold months so are more likely building for the weather while they are living in the nest.

I guess only time will tell who is right  ...or wrong. We'll have to wait for the bear to turn ...or for the February groundhog -to find out for sure.

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