Friday, June 10, 2011

Ants Abandon Task

  • June 10-
  • Only one ant patrolling perimetre of salt water taffy syrup . Sryup sticky from humidity but drying in the sun . 
  • Dike well sealed . Wind does not move any part . Patrol ant occasionally places a grain of sand into a miniscule space . The only thing that will change this picture is water . I've promised myself not to get a bucket of water to clean the spot and sweep away the dike that saved Ant City . Relying totally on nature for this one . I will see it through.
  • Thinking the 'eating' that ants were doing during the panic was more processing than eating . The processed taffy was used as mortar for the dike . Perhaps the taffy that ended up in the hole was used to solidify sand tunnels where collapses are common observes husband ( He's involved again.)...I am not going to rip apart the front step to find out .

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