Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Half Way to Winter

Mr.D's birthday is half way to the shortest day of the year and the official start of winter in these parts . Right now we've passed the shortest night and are 30 seconds closer .

But today , it is summer . Family , friends and co-workers took a moment from their busy lives to be sure Mr. D. felt their good wishes . And he did .

Cards with verses to capture this moment in life ...and hint about the future .

Hallmark says:
Another year older?
You're at that interesting age-
Somewhere between "knowing where it's at"...
...and "wondering where it went."

Carlton says:
Your mind is sharp and functioning , your teeth remain intact
And you can still go dancing 'cause your hip bones haven't cracked...
You pee without assistance , your walk is sure and brisk
And you haven't gotten wrinkled , grown a hump , or slipped a disk...
Your hair's not turned all white yet , you've got a ticking heart
And you exercise discretion when you can't hold back a fart...
You don't crank up the thermostat because you're always cold
And though you've aged another year....
You're FAR from being OLD!

That one was a real test for the progressive lens .

Hallmark comes back with one every parent wants to hear eventually:

Things to tell my dad-

-He was right.( about pretty much everything)
-Money really doesn't grow on trees.
-I was TOO listening.
-Kids don't forget the good stuff.
- Thanks for the lectures...and the love.
- Have a Happy Birthday, Dad ( Because I said so , that's why!)

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