Monday, June 27, 2011

A Collection of Bears

White Onyx bear carved by request of the last full
class I taught in 1985 as a farewell gift . This is the bear that started it all .

Alabaster bear carved by Metis friend.

Coast Salish carving of grizzly bear and salmon

An Anishinabe friend made this birchbark basket
which she covered with porcupine quill work and edged
in sweetgrass as a gift to our home .
 I really love carvings and cultural representation of bears . I thought I would show our little collection.

A young Inuit Artist carved this polar bear using a local greenstone . He was new to carving and has taken up the art for which his people are well known .

This  polar bear pin is a carving in walrus bone from Nunavut . I wear it in winter .(Inuit)

This is a very small carving done by my great nephew from a chip of red pipestone when he was four years old . It is my most treasured bear and the tiniest . (Mohawk)

There are more around the house which I will gather and photograph sometime in the future for your viewing pleasure - I hope .

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