Sunday, August 7, 2011

Empty Nest

For the past week , I have watched the two baby/fledgling robins spend most of their time standing/sitting on the edge of the nest . Mom and Dad haven't been around for at least three days . I guess if you want to get those kids to leave home , stop feeding them . This morning on my daily check this is what I found.

When I noticed that no one was home ,I gingerly pushed my camera in among the branches and thorns to get a shot . While out there , I heard the tentative calls that sounded definitely-young-robins from the tall spruce a few metres away. That is the tree the parents had used to watch over the nest at a distance during the past two weeks . Flying school headquarters .

Darn it all ! I was hoping to see the first leap of faith as a fledgling flung itself to the winds . Not up early enough today . No worm for me .


  1. You may not have gotten to see their first leaps, but you are getting to witness their progress.

  2. For sure . I have even seen the young ones drop by to take a quick look from whence they came. Which of the two will claim the old homestead next Spring , I wonder? This was the third year in the same place.

    The fledlings-no-longer are using the spruce as base camp now at night. It won't be long until they won't be recognizable as the wee ones I watched all July.