Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Hunk of Rock

The teenager , when he was 5 in his rock collecting period , had rocks everywhere in the house . At 10 , I convinced him to place all these special rocks in the garden where they would enhance a flower or plant . They all made it out onto the ground from whence they came.

However , we both agreed that this specimen should remain since it was most fascinating of all .

Is it a prehistoric fish ? Puckered up and ready to kiss...

Perhaps a what-a-saur at rest high atop a stony nest...

Or a birdie in repose upon the petals of a rose...

Just maybe ,in fleeting thought,
It simply is a hunk of rock.

Why do you keep that special rock somewhere in your home ?

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  1. Great post! I once did a post about a rock I found twice.