Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Have a Hairball

...and I need to cough it up . Nothing is so upsetting to me as 'domesticated' cats that roam free in natural settings . This is especially common in rural locations .

Cats are efficient hunters well equipped to reduce natural wildlife quickly . Birds, mice, moles, toads , frogs, snakes, chipmunks and some larger animals fall prey to claws , teeth , agility and ability. Home fed cats go out into the 'wild' , not to hunt for food , but to hunt to kill . They do not eat what they kill. I have found many a headless corpse around my home and I do not own a cat.

Some cats can become feral easily and eventually will not return to the food bowl. They will find their own food in forests and fields . These cats breed and build large populations in some areas virtually devastating the little animals that make up the diet of larger animals- coyotes, fox, wolves , hawks, eagles to name just a few. Soon enough a walk on forest trails shows the distinct absence of all types of animals from the smallest to the largest . The forest is a lonely place with out animals.

Domestic cats do not belong in this setting. When the food is gone , they too suffer starvation and illness that is pitiful to behold . In our area , fishers are abundant and keep the population of feral cats low. They shouldn't have to do this .This is not a natural condition. It is man-made .

Please neuter/spay your cats , feed them well , socialize with them regularly and keep them inside at night . Let them do the mousing job in the house ( if needed) not in the field and forest .

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