Monday, January 30, 2012

Lily And Her Winter Bed

 Two years ago , I watched  every day while  a Black bear in Ely ,Minnesota made her den for the winter.  Then in January , 2010 , I saw her give birth to her first cub given the name Hope by all those who were also watching . Thanks to the webcam  at the North American Bear Centre, Lily captured the hearts of many people around the world and taught us much about life in a winter den.

A year later , with Hope by her side , Lily gave birth to a second cub named Faith , January , 2011. A den with three . This video shows the three of them later in that year .

All of life caught in bits by webcams and cameras for us to share with them. That's about as close as any of us could be . Now it is January 2012 and life has changed in the den.

Many of the preconceived notions about bears are dispelled very quickly when you spend time with these animals and on the NorthAmerican Bear Center website.

Web cans are capturing the lives of many different wild animals out there for us to watch and learn . There are eagles , hummingbirds , owls and who knows how many others to  see . Try Wild Earth TV .


  1. This video is great. I love watching those bears playing and having fun.

  2. A great video and a good link to check out..thanks