Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Without Light

A place I love to visit to experience the inspiration of others is Animalarium . It is one of the most beautifully presented blogs . Just the images of animals that have inspired artists worldwide . It is a feast for the eyes.

Today, the post features a little animation film from 1936 Russia called  The Returned Sun by Olga Khodatayeva .

I have reposted the film here , but do take the opportunity to visit just for looking at some  of the most wonderful graphic art collected together for your enjoyment.

Don't forget to press the cc button in the bottom right for the English translation.

For a larger view go directly to youtube for Russian animation- the Returned Sun.


  1. A good cartoon, and I like the other blog too. I've been interested in Russian culture recently. It seems to be the one that is not ever really shown to us, at least here in the US.

  2. If you go to youtube and bring up this video the cc may work better. As well , other related animations come up.