Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crystals from the Sky and Kenneth G. Libbrecht

Most of us recognize how wonderfully beautiful , quiet and peaceful a blanket of snow over our world is. Even when  we know that there is a heck of a lot of shovelling to come . If you are like me, you postpone it for as long as possible . Just so you can enjoy it a little longer.

photo taken by K.G.Libbrecht at

Watching the flakes fall is mesmerizing . Individual snow crystals clumped together drifting soundlessly down onto the earth. When we catch even one alone- separate from the rest- we squint closely trying to see its structure before it disappears in our envelope of heat.

 I found Kenneth G.Libbrecht's website in 2006 , I finally got to see those flakes and snow crystals as closely and intricately as is possible. Kenneth is a photographer  , among others things. And he proudly shares his love of these miracles of nature for all to see.

Visit him, then tell me why this falling snow shouldn't sound like tinkling glass.

For everything you would want to know about how these crystals form and all their structures visit

You will see some of the most magnificent photos that will make you want to study those little gems that land on your glove even more closely.

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