Friday, February 24, 2012

Someone Is Out There Watching

My nephew captured these tracks out near the ice fishing lake . He wanted to know which it was - Cougar or Timber Wolf . Both are active in the area but it turns out they are the tracks of the illusive Canadian Lynx .

Usually all that is seen of this animal are it's tracks in the snow -still fresh - because he was just standing there watching you before you came by and noticed his traces.

And like a wolf or a cougar , the lynx has moved far enough for you not to notice him . Yet close enough to continue watching you.

Last Friday afternoon , on our way into Mattawa ,we had to step on the brakes . A Lynx very casually came off the snowbank at the side of the highway and crossed the road in front of our car .

We were excited to see this cat at all. It is a rare thing , indeed . With no more than a glance at us from the corner of his eye , he climbed the other snowbank and disappeared into the bush.

Of course , I had no camera or video to prove it . But , I could bring you back and show you the footprints in the snow.


  1. That would be an amazing sighting. I've ever seen anything like that, except maybe a few of the feral cats in my town.

    1. Well , I was excited. Even the teenager was impressed. That was his first sighting. A lynx is a large cat , about the height of a german shepherd with long legs and furry feet. I was impressed as it has been years since I have seen one.