Sunday, February 12, 2012

When Melted Ice Crystals Flash Freeze

Our winter has been one of thaw-freeze-rain-freeze-snow .Over and Over.
The one really large snowfall was shovelled off the driveway only to be washed away with a downpour . Each subsequent small snowfall became absorbed into the cycle.

 I don't like this kind of winter. I am sure there are those in more temperate northern climates who spend these kinds of winter regularly. But , I prefer the snow to the never-ending sheets of ice covering the driveway.

So far I have had several neighbours who have fallen badly. If there is a good way to fall on ice , I don't know what it is. Concussions and broken bones are not what you hope for from a walk outside. I might have to invest in some ice fishing cleats to walk in.

What gets my goat is that people think that it's funny. Go figure!?


  1. I guess a lot of people laugh when they fall purely to hide embarrassment. I think some of the people in the above clip could have avoided the fall if they had paid more attention to where they were walking or had worn more sensible shoes...I tend to be a much more practical person...heels and ice are definitely ice and in freezing temperatures i tend to stick to the unmoved or un-trodden snow where you can get more of a grip.

  2. You noticed it ,too. One spot was obviously a bad place, judging by the turmoil tracks in the snow. Light snowfall on ice= fall

    There may be some common sense missing. Eyes are an important part of walking, as well.

    You are right on in your observation, I think.