Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Accommodation
There is winter accommodation...

Such as this traditional igloo made of snow blocks.

Then there is accommodation... such as the Hotel de Glace- The Ice Hotel in Quebec... also made of snow and ice.
Inside the hotel , everything including the furniture is made of ice.

For a closer look at an Ice Hotel ( January-March) check out . Tap on Ice Hotel and then Art and design in the righthand column.

Inside the igloo , there may be women throat singing a lullaby to their children imitating the sounds of their environment.

This style of singing developed in an environment of ice and snow . It is a rich and intricate interpretation of life in that environment. Much more can be found by typing in Inuit Throat Singing on Youtube.


  1. Those igloos look always amazes me how a house made of ice can be so warm!!

    1. In an igloo a candle can keep it above freezing . I am told that the interior can reach up to 10C. If it is -35C outside, that's downright balmy.

  2. I saw an ice hotel on a TV show once. They're really amazing. I'd love to take a tour through one, but I'm not sure if I'd like to stay. The singing is interesting. The sounds aren't something you'd hear in most popular music today.